Wacker Neuson WP1550AW Vibratory Plate

Wacker Vibratory Plate Lightweight, high strength aluminum components including the engine console and beltguard have been combined for reduced weight and easy machine handling. Straight, center-mounted guide handle offers superior maneuverability and can be lowered within inches of the surface to operate plate under obstacles and form work. High inertia clutch with adjustable shims ensures smoother operation, longer belt life, and simplified belt adjustment. Many lifting points and front lift cage offer easier loading and unloading for operator convenience. Large capacity polyethylene water tank is located within the front lift cage for protection and is semitransparent for easy check of the water level. Large water filter located inside of water tank prevents clogging during operation and can be easily removed for cleaning and draining. Angled holes on spray bar allow complete water coverage for no asphalt pick-up on plate bottom.

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