Stihl Blowers (Handheld)

Stihl Blowers (Handheld)
Model Description Displacement  Engine Power  Weight  Fuel Capacity 

Stihl BG55 Blower

Stihl Blower

Makes clean-up work a little easier. Primer bulb and throttle lock assure fast starts. Two-stage air filter is easy to remove and replace. Air intake is away from pant leg. Has a 2-year consumer warranty.

More details: Stihl BG55 Blower

27.2cc  .90 bhp  9.0 lbs  13.5oz 

Stihl BG65D Blower

Stihl Blower

A rugged hand held model for heavy-duty work around the home. Special "long life" Quad Power™ engine with 2-ring piston adds power without adding weight. Has one-year commercial warranty.

More details: Stihl BG65D Blower

27.2cc  .90 bhp  9.3 lbs  13.5oz 

Stihl BG85D Blower

Stihl Blower

Top-of-the-line hand held blower includes both flat and round nozzles, cruise control for constant air speed and a special soft grip handle. Has one-year commercial warranty.

More details: Stihl BG85D Blower

27.2cc  1.10 bhp  9.3 lbs.  13.5oz 

Stihl BGE60 Blower

Stihl Blower

Lightweight, high-powered electric unit can also be used as a vacuum with optional vacuum attachment. Features the same convenient cord-keeper system as our electric trimmer and edger.

More details: Stihl BGE60 Blower

120v 60hz  1150 Watts 9.6 amps  6.4 lbs 

Stihl SH55 Vacuum/Shredder

Stihl Vacuum

Homeowner model easily converts to a blower). Special shredder blade on fan wheel reduces yard waste. Other standard features include a 2-ring piston, primer bulb and throttle lock for fast starts.

More details: Stihl SH55 Vacuum/Shredder

27.2cc  .90 bhp  11.2 lbs  13.5oz 

Stihl SH85 Vacuum/Shredder

Stihl Vacuum

Suitable for work around the home or job site, the SH 85 has everything the SH 55 offers and more: cruise control and built-in soft grip second helper handle for vacuuming.

More details: Stihl SH85 Vacuum/Shredder

27.2cc  1.10 bhp  11.9 lbs  13.5 oz 
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