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Kubota Z122R-42 Common Service Parts and Accessories


Filters and Maintenance   [ top ]

New Item # E7181-01090 Air Filter E7181-01090 Briggs & Stratton Air Filter
Price: $11.06
In Stock
New Item # E7181-01130 Air Filter - Precleaner E7181-01130 FILTER,PRE CLEANER
Price: $3.40
In Stock
New Item # E7181-01250 Engine Oil Filter E7181-01250 Briggs & Stratton Oil Filter
Price: $10.79
In Stock
New Item # K1042-81080 HST Transmission Oil Filter K1042-81080 Hydro Gear HST Hydraulic Filter
Price: $30.62
1 In Stock
New Item # E7181-00790 Inline Fuel Filter E7181-00790 Briggs & Stratton Inline Fuel Filter
Price: $4.26
In Stock

Oils & Fluids   [ top ]

New Item # 70000-10800 HST Transmission Oil 20W-50 (1 Quart) 70000-10800 Kubota 20W-50 HST Transmission Oil
Transmission Oil Capacity is 1.5 to 1.7 Quarts (Check fluid when hot. Do not overfill!)
Price: $4.65
In Stock
New Item # 70000-10200 Kubota SAE 10W-30 Engine Oil (1 Quart) 70000-10200 Kubota SAE 10W-30 Engine Oil (1 Quart)
Engine Oil Capacity is 2.2 Quarts
Price: $4.69
Save Even More - buy a Case of 12 for 10% off
In Stock

Fuel System Parts   [ top ]

New Item # E7181-01690 Fuel Pump E7181-01690 Briggs & Stratton Fuel Pump
Price: $10.67
2-5 Day Lead Time

Mower Blades and Hardware   [ top ]

New Item # K5559-34330 Kubota Mower Blade K5559-34330 BLADE 42-H30-IN
Price: $15.63
In Stock
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