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Kubota Grand L40 Series Diesel Tractors   Transmissions - GST, FST and the new HST-Plus

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The Grand L40 offers everything you need in a tractor.

Your needs are simple: a durable, high-performance tractor that delivers professional results for tasks large and small; a tractor that's extremely comfortable and user-friendly, and boasts a massive array of versatile features that make you job easier. Get ready to dominate the landscape. Whether you're a professional landscaper at work or a homeowner clearing brush, Kubota's durable and versatile Grand L40 will boost your productivity and deliver professional-quality results with everyday simplicity.

The Kubota Grand L40 Lineup

Model Engine  Horsepower  Displacement  Transmission 

Kubota L3540

Kubota Grand L3540 Diesel Tractor

More details: Kubota L3540 Diesel Tractor

E-TVCS, indirect injection, 4-cycle diesel  35 Net HP  111.4 cu. In.  4WD GST or 4WD HST-Plus 

Kubota L3940

Kubota Grand L3940 Diesel Tractor

More details: Kubota L3940 Diesel Tractor

E-TVCS, indirect injection, 4-cycle diesel  39 Net HP  122 cu. In.  4WD Standard, 4WD GST or 4WD HST-Plus 

Kubota L4240

Kubota Grand L4240 Diesel Tractor

More details: Kubota L4240 Diesel Tractor

E-TVCS, indirect injection, 4-cycle diesel  42 Net HP  134.1 cu. In  4WD Standard, 4WD GST or 4WD HST-Plus 

Kubota L4740

The Kubota Grand L4740 Diesel Tractor

More details: Kubota L4740 Diesel Tractror

E-TVCS, indirect injection, 4-cycle diesel  47 Net HP  148.5 cu. In.  4WD GST or 4WD HST-Plus 

Kubota L5040

The Kubota Grand L5040 Diesel Tractor

More details: Kubota L5040 Diesel Tractor

E-TVCS, indirect injection, 4-cycle diesel  50 Net HP  148.5 cu. In.  4WD GST Only 

Kubota L5240

The Kubota Grand L5240 Diesel Tractor

More details: Kubota L5240 Diesel Tractor

E-TVCS, indirect injection, 4-cycle diesel  52 Net HP  148.5 cu. In.  4WD HST-Plus Only 

Kubota L5740

The Kubota Grand L5740 Diesel Tractor

More details: Kubota L5740 Diesel Tractor

E-TVCS, indirect injection, 4-cycle diesel  57 Net HP  148.5 cu. In.  4WD HST-Plus Only 

Transmission Options - GST, FST and the new HST-Plus

Kubota has enhanced the power, performance, and durability of its Hydrostatic Transmission, and given it a name: HST Plus. Now you can choose between HST Plus, GST (Glide Shift Transmission) or FST (Fully Synchronized Main and Shuttle Transmission) for the system that's best suited to meet your needs.

GST - Glide Shift Transmission

Kubota's exclusive GST features 12 gears and clutchless operation for maximum operator ease. And, thanks to its electronically controlled hydraulic system, the Grand L40's GST allows you to shift on the go with exceptional response.

FST - Fully Synchromized Main and Shuttle Transmission

Kubota's economical FST delivers the smooth and efficient shifting of eight forward and eight reverse gears while on the move. The simplicity of its operation, its responsive directional changes with Shuttle Shift, and its reliability make the FST ideally suited for tillage and front loader work

HST Plus - Hydrostatic Transmission

i. Tackle any task with ease and efficiency. With startling precision, the new HST Plus's automated control of both the HST pump and motor gives you optimal performance, regardless of the task, working conditions, or operator expertise. This new technology incorporates the popular light and smooth pedal feel of Kubota's traditional HST to provide the Grand L40 with a more comfortable, easier-to-operate, and higher-performance HST than ever.

Hydraulic Servo System

Kubota's new HST Plus includes a hydraulic servo mechanism that decreases the amount of pressure required to depress the HST pedal. A popular and proven feature on previous Kubota models, this mechanism creates a more responsive pedal, which in turn delivers smoother handling and more control, whatever the load size. In addition, the system helps to reduce vibration, shock, noise and fatigue to provide a gentler ride and improved performance.

Hydro Dual Speed (H-DS)

Kubota's HST Plus gives you more control. Already featuring three range shift speeds, it now includes a lever to shift between high and low speeds for each, expanding your options to six total speeds. Once your preferred range shift speed is set, you can easily shift the H-DS between the high and low speeds while moving. And with a simple touch of the Mode Selection button, you can activate the Auto H-DS for automatic Hi/Lo shifting. Whether you're doing loader work or driving up a slope, you'll appreciate this newfound versatility and efficiency.

Load Sensing

The Grand L40 boast a revolutionary Load Sensing feature that, if it detects a drop in engine RPM, will automatically regulate HST pump and motor activity. This feature makes operating the Grand L40 easy for almost anyone. Simply press the Mode Selection button, choose your preferred mode, and feel the difference.

HST Response Control

Kubota knows that different challenges require different responses. Now the HST response speed can be adjusted with a simple turn of a dial. If your task requires a quick response, you can turn the dial to the FAST setting. This setting is ideal for use during loader-related chores. If the job at hand needs a more gradual response, as used for turf work, set the dial to SLOW. When your preferred response speed has been selected, you won't need to make any more adjustments with the foot pedal. It's that easy.

Auto Throttle Advance

Thanks to the new Auto Throttle Advance feature, driving the Grand L40 is as simple as driving an automatic-transmission car. This function links the HST pedal and the engine throttle, synchronizing tractor speed and engine revolution. This greatly simplifies tractor operation and helps reduce fuel consumption. Now, all you need to do to control tractor speed and engine revolution is depress the HST pedal. This feature is especially handy when moving between locations or when towing a trailer.

Grand L40 Grand Cab

Introducing a deluxe, remodeled cab that's quiet, spacious and comfortable. This renewed cab is designed to maximize comfort so you can maximize productivity. It introduces a host of convenient standard and optimal features intended to keep you fatigue-free and operating at peak performance.

The Grand L40 will offer a level of comfort that you simply won't expect and can't deny. Some of the highlights include a comfortable deluxe seat and ample legroom so you can stretch your legs on the job. The size of the control panel has been increased, with easier access to the operational and hydraulic controls and levers. The air-conditioning unit has been relocated to provide greater head clearance, and we've improved it for better cooling performance. In short, it's a control center that's centered on you. And the interior trim, with a new lever guide and console design, gives the cab a sophisticated look. The Grand L40's all-new comfort cab design truly puts you in the lap of luxury.

Ample Head Clearance - a. With increased head clearance for greater comfort and visibility, the Grand L40 Series gives you a wide-angle view of your landscape, and all the space you need to get the job done.

Grand L40 - Built for Strength

The Grand L40 Series was built with strength in mind. Designed to meet Kubota's strict engineering standards and deliver outstanding performance under extreme conditions, the Grand L40's rigid, solid steel frame construction delivers power, performance and productivity.

Metal Hood/Fender

For expanded durability and lasting quality. Kubota uses sheet metal for its hoods and fenders

Rigorous Test Conditions

Kubota tractors and front loaders are rigorously tested under the most strenuous conditions. We require each of our tractor to dig a hole large enough to fully submerge its entire body below ground. This effectively tests the impact, force, stress, and durability levels of our tractors' main bodies as well as our loaders. You can count on the Grand L40 to last long, and stay on the job as you need it…and then some.

Heavy-duty Front Axle

The combination of Kubota's extra-heavy duty front axle and frame lead to a higher front loader lift capacity. The powerful front axle was especially designed to ensure high power output and durability, and it matches the performance of the Grand L40's front loader to maximize lift capacity.


With standard equipment, such as ROPS protection, an automatic PTO neutral start/shut-off system, color-coded levers and a retractable seat belt, the Grand L40 Series improves operator safety for you peace of mind.

Front Loader for Grand L40

With their impressive lifting power, easy-access control lever operation, ultra-fast dump circuits, and simple connectivity, the Grand L40's performance-matched front loaders carry their own weight and more. Designed to match the performance of the Grand L40 Series, our front loaders ensure precise operation and improved productivity. With the standard-equipped front loader valve and lever, the front loaders feature outstanding lift capacity and lift height for an impressive performance with each load. Plus, loader lift and bucket dump cycle speeds are amazingly fast. The curved boom design matches the hood, and with the tubes enclosed, the Grand L40 has a sleek look.

Skid Steer Type Universal Quick Attach (Optional)

The front loader can also be used with optional Skid Steer type attachments, such as buckets, pallet forks and bale spears. Simple to attach and detach, these handy options don't require the use of tools, saving time and effort.

Third Function Valve (Optional)

To broaden the scope and capabilities of your front loader applications, the Grand L40 is available with a third function valve.

Easy Operation

When the front loaders work hard, you don't have to. The easy motion of the single lever controls all front loader operations, even allowing simultaneous operation of the boom and bucket. If the loader's detached, the connecting valve remains mounted to the tractor for use with other implements, for greater convenience and efficiency.

Quick Attach/Design

This convenient system saves valuable time by letting you attach and detach loader mounting pins and hose couplers from the driver's seat, without tools.

Kubota Tractor Rental

We rent Kubota tractors (Visit our rental department for rates and terms)

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