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T-Series lawn tractors provide the power and versatility you need as well as Kubota's revolutionary new 3-in-1 mower deck.

Learning to drive one will take minutes. Getting off of one might take a bit longer. From the very first time you turn the key and start up a T-Series lawn tractor, you'll be in love. The first thing you'll feel is the comfortable seat and you'll notice the roominess of the full-flat operator platform. Next, you'll appreciate the T-Series' increased horsepower, especially when taking on big jobs or when mowing long grass. But most of all, you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy the T-Series is to you, from its smooth hydrostatic transmission to its revolutionary new 3-in-1 mower deck. With the T-Series, what were once chores will soon turn into recreation.

The Kubota T-Series Lineup

Model Engine  Wheel Base  Deck Options  High Speed 

Kubota T1880 18 Horsepower Lawn Tractor

The Kubota T1880 Riding Lawn Mower

More details: Kubota T1880 18 Horsepower Lawn Tractor

GH540V OHV Air-Cooled Gasoline Engine  50.8 Inches  42 Inch 2 Blade Infinity Deck  5.6 MPH 

Kubota T2080 20 Horsepower Lawn Tractor

The Kubota T2080 Riding Lawn Mower

More details: Kubota T2080 20 Horsepower Lawn Tractor

GH710V OHV Air-Cooled Gasoline Engine  50.8 Inches  42 Inch 2 Blade Infinity Deck  5.6 MPH 

Kubota T2380 23 Horsepower Lawn Tractor

The Kubota T2380 Riding Lawn Mower

More details: Kubota T2380 23 Horsepower Lawn Tractor

GH720V OHV Air-Cooled Gasoline Engine  54.3 Inches  48 Inch 2 Blade Infinity Deck  5.6 MPH 

Smooth Operation

Hydrostatic Transmission

The hydrostatic transmission (HST) makes operating the T-Series easier and more precise than ever. A single pedal controls both speed and direction changes quickly, without shifting or clutching. This system keeps your hands free for precise steering at all times, which is especially important when maneuvering around trees and shrubs or working in confined spaces.

Cutting Height Adjustment

Adjusting the mower deck's cutting height is easy with Kubota's simple dial-type design. Just reach underneath the operator's seat and turn the control dial.

KRA: Kubota Reverse Awareness System

The T-Series is equipped with Kubota Reverse Awareness System to prevent you from mowing in reverse. You may choose to override the system by depressing an override switch. A flashing light reminds you that reverse mowing has been selected.

Cruise Control (Standard on T2800 and T2380)

The T-Series' cruise control feature allows you to maintain a constant mowing speed once you have reached the desired speed. You can also reach the desired speed by pulling the cruise control knob.

Easy Mower-lift Lever

Press the button on top of this conveniently located lever to release the mower deck and raise or lower as needed.

One-step Parking Brake

With this feature, parking is accomplished quickly, easily and safely. To activate the parking brake, simply depress the parking brake pedal firmly with your foot.

Larger Rear Tires

Taller and wider rear tires (22x11-10) are now standard on the new T-Series. They ensure better traction and stability.

New Higher Power Gasoline Engines

The T2080 and T2380 models are equipped with powerful 20HP and 23HP V-Twin gasoline engines. The T1880 offers a single-cylinder, 18HP gasoline engine.


Full-flat Operator Platform

The T-Series features a full-flat operator's platform. This design offers ample floor space and legroom, and makes getting on and off the tractor easy.

High-back Seat (Standard on T2080 and T2380)

Our deluxe high-back seat adjusts easily to accommodate different size operators.

Cushion Ride Suspension (Standard on T2080 and T2380)

Kubota's exclusive "Cushion Ride" suspension system, located in the tractor fender, is yet another industry first. This feature's design utilizes two spring-loaded shocks connected to the operator's platform, providing you with a smooth, comfortable ride.

Quick-Attach Grass Catcher

The new T-Series seven-bushel grass catcher enables efficient grass catching without the use of a blower thanks to Kubota's innovative Infinity Deck. Built to complement the grass catcher, the Infinity Deck's blades are the sole power source for the catcher. The deck's design makes attaching the boot to the deck easy. The catcher bin is also easy to attach due to the newly developed V-frame.

Infinity Deck

Introducing Kubota's new 3-in-1 mower deck. Named for its distinctive counter-rotating figure-eight grass flow, the Infinity Deck's most notable benefit is its ability to quickly and easily change cutting modes without having to change blades. The proprietary secret behind this 3-in-1 deck is its sturdy steel "gate" tat slides to cover the discharge area, thus speedily turning the deck into a mulching deck.

Side-Discharge Mode

In this mode, the deck discharges grass evenly and efficiently through the side of the deck, utilizing two counter-rotating blades. The flow created by these blades is where the Infinity Deck gets its name.

Mulching Mode

To change from side- discharge to mulching mode, simply slide the steel gate, conveniently located on the outside of the deck, to the front of the discharge area. This feature, along with the deck's rounded shoulders, keeps grass under the deck, ensuring the perfect mulch. No special blades, tools or optional attachments are needed.

Grass Catching Mode

Using the optional grass catcher is now easier than ever. Due to the powerful flow of the Infinity Deck, a blower is no longer needed-the deck does all the work. With this design, attaching the grass catcher's boot is made simple.

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