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Kubota Compact Excavators

Model Engine Standard Bucket Capacity Maximum Digging Depth Operating Weight
Kubota K008-3 Ultra-Compact Excavator

K008-3 Ultra-Compact Excavator

Spacious, comfortable, and more productive, yet it fits in the tightest spaces. The K008-3 sets the standard for all ultra-compact excavators.
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Kubota D722-E2-BH-3 Diesel 44.0 cu. In. 5' 8" 2200 lbs.
KX018-4 Compact Excavator

KX018-4 Compact Excavator

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Kubota D902-BH-E4 3-Cylinder Tier 4 4'3.2"- Shrinks to 3'3.0" 7'9.7" 3747 lbs.

KX033-4 Compact Excavator

Designed for efficiency, built for stability and created for comfort.
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Kubota D1703M-DI-E4 3-Cylinder Tier 4 10 Feet 6 Inches 7,420 - 8,104 lbs
Kubota KX040-4 Compact Excavator

KX040-4 Compact Excavator

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Kubota D1803-CR-TE4 3-Cylinder Turbocharged Tier 4 5'6.9" 11'2.6" 9017 - 9833 lbs
Kubota KX057-4 Compact Excavator

KX057-4 Compact Excavator

Compact Excavator
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Kubota V2607-CR-E4 4-Cylinder Tier 4 12'8.2" 12345 lbs.
Kubota KX080-4 Power Utility Excavator

KX080-4 Power Utility Excavator

Kubota's flagship 8-ton Power Utility Excavator combines performance with superior digging force.
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Kubota V3307-CR-TE4 4-Cylinder Turbocharged Tier 4 15 Feet 1.1 Inches 18,254 - 19,136 lbs
The KX121-3 Compact Excavator with Angle Blade

KX121-3 Compact Excavator

The power and versatility to take operational performance to new heights in the compact excavator class.
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Kubota V2203-M Diesel 11' 6" 9261 lbs.
Kubota KX71-3 Compact Excavator

KX71-3 Compact Excavator

Built rugged, responsive and reliable to handle your toughest excavator jobs.
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Kubota V1505-E2-BH10 Diesel 9' 9" 6305 lbs.
KX71-3S Compact Excavator

KX71-3S Compact Excavator

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The KX91-3 Compact Excavator

KX91-3 Compact Excavator

A new level of comfort and operability to let you dig deeper, reach farther, and work longer with less effort.
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D1503-M Diesel 10' 5" 7330 lbs
The Kubota Tier IV U17 Excavator

U17 Zero Tail Swing Compact Excavator

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Kubota D902-E3 Tier IV 1.0 Cu Ft 7' 7" 3814 lbs
Kubota U25 Zero Tail Swing Compact Excavator

U25 Zero Tail Swing Compact Excavator

With the maneuverability and performance you need for those hard to reach digging jobs.
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Kubota D1105 Diesel 9' 3" 5625 lbs.

U27-4 Tight Tail Swing Compact Excavator

The U27-4 is designed for challenging jobs that are not possible with larger machines.
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Kubota D1105-BH 9 Feet 5 Inches 5,688 - 5,908 lbs
U35 Compact Excavator with Zero Tail Swing

U35-4 Zero Tail Swing Compact Excavator

Innovative design and superior performance come together in a powerful compact excavator.
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Kubota D1503-M Diesel 10 Feet 4 Inches 8477 lbs.
Kubogta U55-4 Tight Tail Swing Compact Excavator

U55-4 Tight Tail Swing Compact Excavator

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Kubota V2607-CR-E4 11 Feet 10.3 Inches 12,335 - 12,755 lbs