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Scag Stand-On Mowers

The Scag V-Ride™ – Stand Up for High Performance

Scag V-Ride Stand Up MowerThe V-Ride™ is an ultra compact, agile, comfortable and stable stand-on mowing machine. It combines the speed and comfort of a rider with the space-saving convenience of a walk-behind mower.

Despite its compact size, the V-Ride boasts many full-sized features like hydraulic oil coolers, dual hydraulic pump dual wheel motor drive system, coil-suspension platform, and a heavy-duty steel main frame. Pair a powerful Kawasaki FX, Kawasaki FS or Kohler EFI commercial-grade engine with a 36″ Advantage™ or a 48″, 52″ or 61″ Velocity Plus™ deck and you have an ideal combination of agility, power and performance.

With a low center-of-gravity and extra-large drive tires, stability is never compromised. The operator rides on a coil suspension platform which delivers bump soaking, back and knee saving travel. The operator comfort pad is adjustable to fit different operator sizes and riding styles.

This is truly the ultimate stand-on mower with excellent handling, stability and quality. No cut corners, no compromise, nothing but top quality construction and unmatched performance. Don’t take our word for it. Contact your local Scag dealer for a demonstration today and experience the Scag difference for yourself. Check out our social media page and our testimonials page to see what real Scag customers are saying about their Scag mowers.

Model Engine Horsepower Blades Deck Width
Scag V-Ride SVR36A-15 Stand-On Mower

V-Ride SVR36A-15 Stand-On Mower

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Kawasaki FX, V-twin, Recoil Start 15 2 36"
Scag V-Ride SVR36A-19 Stand-On Mower

V-Ride SVR36A-19 Stand-On Mower

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Kawasaki FX 19 2 36"
Scag V-Ride SVR48V-22 Stand-On Mower

V-Ride SVR48V-22 Stand-On Mower

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Kawasaki FX, V-twin 22 3 48"
Scag V-Ride SVR52V-23 Stand-On Mower

V-Ride SVR52V-23 Stand-On Mower

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Kawasaki FX, V-Twin 23 3 52"