Coleman Equipment & Parts Hotline: 877-851-3647

Rental Terms and Conditions

All rental charges and deposits are due in advance. A credit card is required for all non-account transactions.

All rates are subject to local & state sales tax.

Click your equipment type in the list above to see prices.  All rates are subject to change.  Rental rates are based on a maximum of 8 hours operation per 24-hour day, 40 hours per 7 day week, and 160 hours per 28 day month. Hours of use in excess of maximum allowed will be charged at a prorated rate.

Delivery and Pick Up
Delivery rates are based on the distance traveled from the store location to the jobsite.

Machine must be returned with full tank of fuel or customer must pay for fuel used

Trailer Rental Requirements
Trailer not included in equipment rate.
Three-quarter ton truck or larger w/ Class III receiver hitch or greater.
2 5/16″ Ball, 6 pin 1″ round electrical plug

Your responsibilities
As a rental customer, you accept the following responsibilities:

Furnish a qualified operator.
Ensure normal daily maintenance is performed, such as grease, oil levels, tire pressures, etc.
Inform Coleman immediately of equipment failure or malfunction.
Return the machine in clean condition or pay for equipment cleaning.
Accept liability for maintenance expense due to abnormal wear and/or damage to machine and tires.

Customer will be responsible for providing property and liability insurance coverage. Coleman will charge 14% for physical damage insurance waiver unless an insurance binder is provided in advance. ($2,500.00 deductible) Public Liability Insurance is the responsibility of Lessee: Lessee at its own expense shall carry adequate Public Liability Insurance as approved by Lessor against bodily injury including death.

Tier IV Machinery
Some of our machines use technologies required to comply with Tier IV emissions standards set by the EPA. As the user of this equipment you are required to comply with all of the correct monitoring and maintenance protocols as specified in the operator’s manual. These may include but are not limited to:

· Refilling the diesel tank only with Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel
· Refilling the DEF tank with new DEF Fluid only
· Allowing for Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration cycles when required

Failure to comply with these and other requirements may result in large repair bills at the end of the rental term that could be in excess of $15,000. These repairs are not warrantable or covered by insurance and should they occur, would be the customers responsibility